The face I put in this oatmeal should be an inspiration to everyone.

photo by Dan Stout

There were times when I did not have enough money to buy the foods that I really wanted to eat. I am sure we have all struggled with that at one point in our lives. This oatmeal for instance should have additions like sunflower seeds, coconut, almonds, pepitas, and maybe even some chocolate chips if I promise myself to take a walk after I eat it. In these times of struggle, I had to suffer through with what you see above. Plain.

That is why when I do have to serve myself a spread of depressing food given to me…

This cabinet full of caffeine is completely normal I tell myself.

This is a picture I took of a cabinet in the kitchen of one of my many apartment homes. It is not a staged photo. How did this come to be, you may be thinking. Let me try to explain.

I was living in Harlem at the time and found myself out of a job. This sudden vacancy in employment happened because my boss sold the lease on his restaurant where I bartended. We know that he made out quite nicely on that transaction. I can say there were signs of the end coming, but it came quicker than most…

It makes my wood look beautiful and delicious.

a wood object in need of a good rub down with oil

Imagine what this unknown object would look like smothered in linseed oil. Slowly pouring it out of the can until it spreads across the top and starts to drip down. So beautiful. Sexy even. I now give you my apologies because your imagination is going to have to be your friend. There is no after photo of the beauty that must have been. I do not have one. I barely remember what happened after this coming of age oiling event. I also do not know the whereabouts of this now oiled-up wooden structure. I must have blacked out in the…

A simple guide to becoming master of the grasshopper

(Photo by Boris Smokrovic)

Step 1: Catch the Grasshopper

This probably seems like it is going to be the hardest part, right? Every time I go near a grasshopper it just jumps away. Maybe they don’t like me. I start to think about it and there may be an actual reason for that.

I recall a time from my past when I was around five years old. I am not proud of this in the present day just so you know. I had a bb gun when I was a kid. When I was at my grandma’s house, think wide-open desert space, I used to use that bb gun…

What I have learned and what I will continue to do.

Photo by Michael Longmire

Follow along from the beginning. Here is the first story.

Looking back at the last month I sure have noticed something. I like to read the stories all of you are writing. I myself have also found a bit of joy in writing. It has been a long time since I have heard the sound of the keys rattling off words at a good clip. It was nice. I liked it.

The main thing I want you to know is this, I have spent a lot of time trying to make this five dollars. I do not know how this…

CEOs are not my favorite people on the planet.

As an investor, I know that a company will do everything they can to get the price of their stock to go up. I like this. As an investor, I like knowing a CEO will do backflips and commit multiple crimes so they can get their multi-million dollar bonus and secure their job at the top. It helps me. For a moment.

As a person, I feel guilty about a company doing everything they can to get the price of their stock to go up and I dislike this CEO with most of my being for what they stand for…

With my goal already met, I think I will go for twenty.

photo by Dan Stout

You are reading the 4th article in this series, follow along from the beginning with the original article right here

And begin.

First, I got an email today telling me that my December earnings have been sent. That is nice. This is what it looked like.

This happens because of my desire for information.

Photo by Dan Stout

Hi there. I was wondering if you perhaps share this trait with me.

I like and crave the need to stay informed. I like to know what is happening around the world. That is it.

In my opinion, this is a curse. A burdensome curse. I know I am not the first person to think this, and will not be the last. Do you share this curse?

Multiple times a week I berate myself for being this person. I wonder at what point in my life this curse was cast upon me. Who did this to me?

I want to…

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon

This is the third article about this challenge I have given myself. If you have not read the first two you might want to read the original and the first update.

Let’s begin.

My biggest takeaway in the past few days is this. If I like a story I have read then I will give it some claps, or leave a response. The author will often come back and return the favor on one of my articles. So simple.

I don’t just go clap at a bunch of random articles. I clap for the ones that I like. That way…

Walking while taking pictures of the ground is one of my favorite activities.

all photos by Dan Stout

I used to love walking around New York City. It was so easy to do. I would often just walk and walk and walk. There was always something or someone to look at. Plus it was a great form of exercise.

Often on my long walks, I would take pictures of things on the ground. Sometimes I would stop to take a picture and other times I would just take a random shot while walking.

I was walking through a heavy industry area along the East River one day. Nothing but dull buildings and a long line of chain link…

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